Amazing Sri Gethuk Waterfall

Sri Gethuk Waterfall 

Yogyakarta Special Region is well known for its many tourist attractions history. Lots of ancient relic temples scattered in various parts of Jogja. In addition, many museums also add to the image of Jogja as a historical tourist spot that is worth visiting. One more unique one from this one-handed mountain district, although the area is known as a barren area, but it has a waterfall tour that also only part of it has been used as a tourist destination. one of the famous waterfall tours is Sri Gethuk Waterfall. Sri Gethuk Waterfall is on the banks of the Oyo River so to enjoy it, you have to go along the river with a raft. Along the way, you will be treated to views of cliffs on the right-left limestone cliffs and lush trees. If in the dry season, the river water will be very clear greenish and calm. Sri Gethuk Waterfall has a height of about 25 meters with 3-5 falls of waterfalls depending on the season. The water that never dried up did not make a pond but immediately crawled neat limestone rocks by the river.

This waterfall is also often referred to as the Slempret Waterfall. The name Slempret itself comes from a legend in the village of Bleberan. According to stories circulating in the community, this water is the center of the genie with the leadership of Jin Anggo Menduro. This waterfall starts from three sources of spring, Kedungpoh, Ngandong, and Ngumbul. The three sources of springs flow into one and form water droplets that fall from barren karst rocks. In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature, bathing and swimming, as well as photo hunting, there are several other fun activities that you can do while visiting to Sri Gethuk Waterfall. Some of these activities include

Down the Oyo River

If tourists choose the waterway to go to the Sri Gethuk Waterfall location, tourists have the opportunity to walk along the Oya River from downstream to upstream aka against the flow using rafts made of used boards and drums. At that moment tourists can see high cliffs flanking the river, some of which emit small waterfalls so they look very beautiful.


If tourists choose the land route when heading to Sri Gethuk Waterfall location, tracking activities that are quite exciting you will enjoy starting from the vehicle parking area. A trip of approximately 450 meters will be reached by passing a small river which is one of the sources of waterfalls and rice fields that are decorated with green trees and coconut trees.

River Tubing

River tubing is to wash away above the surface of the river using a float. The most appropriate time for doing this activity is when going home. At that time you just leave the luggage to friends who remain on the raft or to the raft driver. Next, wear a life jacket and throw yourself into the river. Let the body stay floating above the surface of the water and the flow of the river brings the body of the tourist to the departure location. Without having to swim, tourists will arrive at the small dock where the raft rests, because the current runs from upstream to downstream.

Cliff Jumping

Adrenaline-driven activities can be done in the waterfall area. The trick is to jump from the top of the cliff and rocks and then throw yourself in the depth of the Oya River. The height of the cliff varies, ranging from the lowest to the height of 3-5 meters. To rise from the surface the water goes to the top of the cliff, you have to walk the rope that has been provided at the place. Don’t forget to wear a life jacket while doing this activity, except for those who have advanced swimming.


rapelling activities or down from the top of the cliff using a kernmantledi rope, but done under a splash of a waterfall. This challenging activity is very suitable for those who like to adrenaline, because there are two sensations of tension that will be obtained, namely when you have to rely on a rope and when the waterfall flushes all over your body.

Tips for Visiting Sri Gethuk Waterfall

In order to make the visit of Sri Gethuk Waterfall more memorable and leave memories that are hard to forget, there are some tips that must be considered, namely:
• Come at the beginning or end of the rainy season, or all during the dry season. Because at that time the Sri Gethuk Waterfall discharge and also the Oya River were large but with still clear water conditions so that tourists could enjoy the riverbed from the surface of the water also perform cliff jumping and body rafting activities without being disturbed by the turbid river water.
• If possible, try not to visit on weekends or during the holiday season, because at that time the location of Sri Gethuk Waterfall will be crowded with visitors. With a crowded atmosphere, more or less will disrupt the comfort of tourists in traveling.
• Take advantage of admission tickets to the maximum extent possible by coming in the morning and visiting Goa Rancang Kencono first. Visit Sri Gethuk Waterfall above 1:00 p.m. or when the sun is blazing, because at that time it is likely that tourists will be able to watch the rainbow around the waterfall area.
• Wear comfortable clothing for outdoor activities, use tourism or keds shoes and avoid using wedges or high heels, because the terrain that must be passed along the trip is quite heavy and slippery. Don’t forget to bring even changing clothes. Travelers do not intend to take a bath and swim, because the clothes that tourists wear are likely to be wet with splashes of waterfalls or river water.
• Also prepare plastic bags or dry bags to wrap valuables that are vulnerable to water, such as cellphones, cameras, watches, and others.


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