Wedi Ombo Beach

Jogja is not only known as a cultural, culinary and shopping destination. This Special City is increasingly attracted by tourists because of its natural beauty. In addition to Gua Pindul, Kalibiru, and Timang Beach, there is one song of exciting natural tourist destinations in the Student City called Wediombo Beach. For you lovers of water tourism, you should not miss the opportunity to come to this place. For those of you who understand Javanese, the name Wediombo certainly makes you think that this beach is a wide sandy beach and makes tourists can play sand or beach sports. As the name implies, wedi means sand, and ombo means broad. However, this has not been proven, because you will instead find hills of coral and rock that dominate the coast. But that certainly is not a problem, because the reef is precisely the attraction of tourists who buy Wediombo Beach entrance tickets. In fact, in a spot, there is a natural pool formed from holes or hollows in the reef, so tourists can enjoy the natural pool to do various exciting activities. It is suitable for those of you who like to play water on the beach with a slightly different atmosphere.

This tourism object itself is quite far from the center of Jogja when compared to other beaches. Therefore there are rarely tourists who come. The tourists usually will go to the beach attractions that are closer or more complete facilities, such as Indrayanti Beach or Baron Beach. If you are a tourist who prefers tourist attractions that are not yet known, this beach can be an alternative. Because apart from still not too crowded, this beach is also still very natural. Another attraction of this beach besides the pool is the presence of sand in the middle of the beach that can be used for activities like other sandy beaches. In addition, this beach is one of the beaches facing west, so that at dusk, the scenery will be even more charming, and is one of the Romantic Tourist Places in Jogja. Wediombo Beach is also a bay, so hunting the sunset there will be more exclusive, because the terrain is more protruding to the mainland. Complete with a fairly large wave.

Exciting activity at Wediombo Beach :

Swim in the pool 

As explained above, there is a natural pool that makes tourists stay at Wediombo Beach. This spot is also one of the favorite spots for tourists who come.


Tourists who do not really like the basement can still do fun activities on the beach ink, considering the scenery is very beautiful. You can enjoy the atmosphere while taking photos and doing other fun activities in white sand.

Waiting for sunset

Because this beach is one that faces west, you can wait for the view of the sunset there while visiting in the afternoon.


You can also camp or camp at this Camping Place in Jogja. Suitable for those of you who like to spend the night in a natural atmosphere.


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