Fun Place for Swimming, Snorkeling, Up to Diving – Umbul Ponggok

Umbul Ponggok

When you hear the Umbul Ponggok tourist attraction, maybe the community is not yet familiar, but lately, many of these places are discussing it because this place is a freshwater tourist attraction that offers a different sensation so many tourists are interested in seeing what is offered by this tourist spot. Umbul Ponggok is a natural pool that has been developed into a well-known water tourism in Klaten. A variety of colorful fish that live in Umbul Ponggok and a beautiful pond base make it a favorite snorkeling location. Not only that, Umbul Ponggok is also often a diving practice site.

Umbul Ponggok Klaten is not an ordinary swimming pool. Because here you will feel the sensation of swimming with the colorful freshwater fish that has been around for a long time in Umbul Ponggok. If you swim in Klaten’s tourist attractions this one, you will be able to feel the sensation of diving with freshwater fish. Not only that, usually Ponggok Klaten Bannerman is also often used as a diving practice site. For those who are not interested in diving activities, you can enjoy it just by snorkeling or swimming funny here. Snorkeling in this area is safer than snorkeling in the ocean. Because this natural pool in Klaten is a natural fresh and very clear spring. What’s more, there are no currents or waves in the natural kitchen of Ponggok. It is said that this natural pool has existed since the Dutch era. Later, the existence of Ponggok Klaten Bannerman is not only known as a place to swim, snorkel or dive. Because of its uniqueness, a natural swimming pool measuring approximately 50 x 25 meters and a depth between 1.5 – 2 ++ meters is often used for underwater photograpy or underwater photography. Indeed, when viewed from its depth, this swimming pool is indeed suitable for this activity. Whether starting from professional photography, or just visitors who want to just selfie under water with cute fish.

Plus this one swimming pool is not a ceramic like a swimming pool in general. However, the base of the Ponggok Klaten Bannerman is still very natural in the form of fine sand that gives its own sensation. The water is always fresh, because the water always flows continuously from the source of the spring.

Tips Photos

For tourists if you have an underwater camera it is recommended to take it if you do not have an underwater camera do not need to worry. In Umbul Ponggok there are underwater camera rental services at a rate of Rp 60,000 for 30 minutes and Rp 100,000 for one hour and prices can change at any time. If you want a concept photo shoot, in this place there are also underwater shooting services with relatively cheap prices. If you want to do a photo shoot at Umbul Ponggok, tourists are advised to come on Monday – Friday at 07.00 – 09.00 WIB or 14.00 – 16.00 WIB. While on weekends Saturday – Sunday for satisfactory results it is recommended to arrive at 07.00 – 09.00 WIB. Shooting in the morning or evening will produce a better picture because the water of the bulb is clearer and the sun is still from the side not just above the head. In addition, during the day the number of visitors is usually much more so that they cannot freely look for a good photo spot.


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