The Hidden Paradise – Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach

Pok Tunggal Beach, Yogyakarta or Jogja, precisely in the mountain area of Kidul, is a beach with stunning and beautiful scenery. Its location is in the ranks of other famous mountain beaches, such as Indrayanti Beach. Traveling on the beach has become an alternative entertainment that is very fun, especially if done on the beach which has a pretty beautiful view. Gunung Kidul area is famous for its unique, beautiful and interesting beach tourism area, so it is well known among local tourists, Gunung Kidul is also now popular with the beach nature wizard complex which consists of several tourist beaches such as beaches The Baron Beach, Indrayanti Beach, Nglambor Beach, and what has recently become famous is Pok Tunggal Beach. But tourists who visit Pok Tunggal Beach will feel comfortable traveling there because of the quiet conditions and not too crowded with crowds.

Like a beach on the south coast of Java Island in general, this beach has white, clean and very fine sand. Not only that makes it interesting, at Pok Tunggal Beach has a karst hill cliff that adds to the beauty of the beach scene. While on the east and west part of the beach there are cliffs of coral that are overgrown with plants and dense trees. Of course this is what makes some visitors feel more at home for long trips to Pok Tunggal Beach with this unique name. Whereas for the name Pok Tunggal Beach itself is taken from a rare and old tree that even still stands firmly on this beach. Single Pok Tree or also called Duras Tree is an interesting spot for taking pictures or photos. while waiting to be able to enjoy the view of the super beautiful beach, visitors can also swim along the shallow waters of Pok Tunggal Beach. The beaches on the south coast of Java are famous for their large waves, but different from Pok Tunggal Beach. Visitors do not need to worry about being dragged by a strong current because around the beach, the sea water is quite calm and the waves are not too big. Pok Tunggal Beach is flanked by two hills, a beautiful single hill on the west and a panjong hill on the east. The view of the sunset from the beach is well known for its beauty


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