To be highlight is the most popular after Bali, distinctive culture of Java, with Sultan palace, water castle, the people who still uphold customs and traditions, seascape beautifully with karst caves along sides in Gunung Kidul, surrounded by the soaring temples, Borobudur, Prambanan with Ramayana relief and to be hall of its performance, Boko, Plaosan, Sambisari, other Hindu and Buddhist temples, which marks the strong traces of history, also of Mount Merapi in green, you can searching by jeep or climbing to the top.

You will see the villages where people make batik, silver, Keris, Mask, Brass, and the chocolate and civet coffee industry Jogjakarta has now exported to foreign countries.

As Culture education center, and the birth of the artists are also intellectuals, many established classical and contemporary Art Gallery and universities that mushroomed to all majors, and Masterpieces Gamelan are constantly buzzing in people's lives both urban and rural add how Jogja is a natural wealth that you should enjoy.

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