Krakal Beach The Best Sunset Spot in Jogja

Krakal Beach

Krakal Beach is one of the favorite beaches in the Gunung Kidul area. Krakal Beach is actually the longest beach known by local people compared to the beach beaches in other Gunung Kidul. Indeed, this beach can be said to be a beach that has a nice spot and the most beautiful view. Krakal Beach is a beach tourism object that has a wide and the longest when compared to other Gunung Kidul beaches. Not far from the Krakal beach, there is a beach destination in Drini, 2 kilometers east. One of Gunung Kidul’s tourist attractions is still one lane with the Baron Jogja beach tour and Kukup beachKrakal beach sand is a type of white sand, coupled with coral rocks at the edge along the coast. Such a thing is so suitable for tourists who miss the freshness of the wind and panoramic views of the sea. Krakal beach tourism has a variety of marine life that is very tempting on the beach. To hunt for marine biota, tourists can use small nets that are usually sold by traders around the beach area. Right on the beach there is a rock that is inhabited by colorful coral fish. One of the very unique reef fish, Damselfish. Damselfish is a species of coral fish that is yellow and blue accents as its distinctive color.

In addition to the stunning beaches, the waves on Krakal Beach are quite high so it is suitable for surfing. If you like surfing, Krakal Beach can be the right destination to spend vacation time. Not only that, on Krakal Beach you can also enjoy underwater charm. Sea water here is still very clear, making it suitable for snorkeling. The beauty of colorful coral reefs, as well as the variety of marine biota will make you amazed. Apparently, the natural beauty of Krakal Beach cannot only be enjoyed in the morning and afternoon. After enjoying the beauty of marine biota and the thrill of playing the waves during the day, now is the time to enjoy the beautiful sunset view on Krakal Beach. While waiting for the night to arrive, don’t miss the view of the sunset here.


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