Drini Beach

Indonesia is an archipelago of endless seaside escapades. The romantic Drini Beach in Gunungkidul District of the Special Region of Yogyakarta is no exception. This beach offers couples who intend to travel to a peaceful romantic vacation a unique panoramic view compared to other beaches. Aside from its silky white sand surrounded by enormous powerful rocks, the clear blue hypnotizing color of the sea invites visitors to come and plunge into the underworld. The sea is still clear and beautiful because trash or any other waste has not contaminated in this remote area.

Drini Beach is known as the Virgin Beach. This name is used by the local community because of drini beach conditions are still clean, the air is cool, the water is cold plus the stretch of white sand dazzling and the water flow is not as fierce Parangtritis Beach This beach has a large cliff located in the middle of the beach and divide this beach into two sides, namely the west side and the east side.

Want to know why locals have managed to preserve this beach? They hit visitors with a strict fine for littering!

Drini beach is a long stretch of sand lined with the ocean on one end and gazebos of restaurants, tiny shops and others on the other end. You can leisurely walk around and enjoy the beach in a pair of comfortable footwear.


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