Water Castle


In 1950, Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX with Sri Pakualaman VII officialy declared that Ngayogyakarta Palace joined in the Republic of Indonesia with peculiarity the Sultan has always been a governor and Sri Pakualaman always be the Vice Governor

In the palace of Yogyakarta we can see various collections of precious objects owned by the sultanane of Yogyakarta, as a provision of the kings of Europe, heritage palaces, gamelan and various ornaments in it.

As the center of Yogyakarta cultural preservation, while maintaining the characteristics of the clothes, the attitude, the philosophy of life and mythology of the original palace of Yogyakarta residents, since 1995, UNESCO set Keraton Yogyakarta complex as a world heritage site.



Tamansari / water Castle

In honor of the Sultan’s wives services for helping during the war, he commanded an architect Demak tegis Portuguese nationality and foreman Madiun Regent to build a palace on the banners are located 500 meters south of the palace. Palace surrounded Segaran (artificial lake) with teh fragrance of the flowers planted on an artificial island, is divided into three pennant kawitan (pool for children of the King), Umbul Pamuncar (pool for the concubines), and Umbul Panguras (pool for the King).



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