White Crater

Kawah Putih (white Crater) Ciwidey and Patenggang Lake

A mountain with a crater filled with water and white look, so called white crater of mountain Ciwidey about 46 km south of the city of bandung, through the cold forest has an average temperature of 10 degrees C until finally focused on the Patenggang lake with views among the tea plantations fertile stretches throughout the region, and tea factory rancabali be the center of all activities of the tea plantation famers.


               The great eruption by Mount Patuha in the 10th century made many people think that this location is a haunted area because every bird that flies through the area will die.Because of that belief, no one dared to approach this area until finally in 1837 there was an expert named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn who decided to go to the top of Mount Patuha for the sake of science.

               Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn made it to the top of Mount Patuha and from there he saw a white lake with a sulfurous odor that intercepted. Since then, the existence of the White Crater became famous and in 1987 the government began to develop Kawah Putih as a tourist spot.

Facilities at Kawah Putih

               Because it has been developed as a tourist area, Kawah Putih has adequate supporting facilities of travel comfort, namely:

  • Spacious parking area
  • Mosque
  • Transport from front gate up to crater
  • Information Center
  • Restaurants and food stalls
  • Toilet

White crater tips Ciwidey tips

               To make your trip to Kawah Putih more comfortable, consider the following tips:

  • Cold air temperature does not mean you are safe from sunburn, use sunblock before the activity in Kawah Putih
  • If you are not strong with the smell of sulfur, under the mask
  • If you do not have a mask, you can buy it at the location
  • Do not be too long in the crater because it can make your breathing disturbed, you can rise briefly to the top and then back again to the crater if you still want to see the view Kawah Putih
  • If your group consists of few people, it is better to park the vehicle at the gate and then continue using the earrings because it is cheaper, besides with the earrings you can enjoy the view of the mountain debt clearly




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