Timang Beach

Timang Beach

Timang Beach Gunung Kidul is one of the beaches in the beautiful coastal area of Gunungkidul. To get to this beach tourists will travel quite challenging and test tourists. The road that will be passed is very steep and rocky, which is quite draining, Jalan Batuan along the way to the Timang beach like a fraction the coral is quite sharp and sharp with a bumpy road up and down. This tourist attraction is not located on the beach or the beauty of the sea, but visitors are more interested in rides and small islands that are on the other side of the beach. Actually it is not a gondola and a suspension bridge that is emphasized to be a tourist attraction on this beach.

Activities that can be done on this beach : Gondola and Suspension bridge


The attraction of this beach is the existence of Gondola rides which can spur adrenaline of tourists who want to try to ride it, how not, traditional gondolas made of wood and in movement with human power. Then we climb to cross the sea below which there are big waves and strong winds that make every visitor who climbs this vehicle scream. Somehow, even the visitors who came here on the grounds felt curious to ride the gondola and suspension bridge, and wanted to feel the sensation of being on the cliff with the big waves and the wind.

Suspension bridge

There is also a suspension bridge that is afraid to ride gondolas that already existed before. Currently a suspension bridge facility has been built which is used as an alternative for visitors to cross the sea to Bukit Karang.



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